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Tree care and related services are a job best left to the professionals. This could be something as simple as pruning or a more complex procedure such as complete tree removal. Whatever the task, getting the right tree service provider in Clinton is necessary to get the job done right.

So, in what cases would you need professional tree removal, pruning, or stump grinding in Clinton? Here are some scenarios: the beloved tree that’s been on your property for decades is now dead and you need it removed before it comes crashing down. Or a tree close to your house has grown some pretty hefty branches that need to be removed. In both cases, you need services from an experienced tree removal and pruning service in Clinton.

The team at Nye’s Tree Service and Stump Removal has years of combined experience in tree removal, pruning, and other services. Our licensed and insured arborists have the capacity to handle any tree service requirement. Our services are available for trees of all shapes and sizes, from stump grinding to planting new trees.

Trusted by Clinton area residents, Nye’s Tree Service and Stump Removal pride ourselves in providing professional services at reasonable rates. What’s more, our local focus means we have the right experience and knowledge to tackle your tree service needs.

Call Nye’s Tree Service and Stump Removal today and let us turn your property into a beautiful and safe part of the Clinton neighborhood.

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At Nye’s we are ISA Certified arborists, our experience can offer you the products and resources needed for successful tree and plant health care. We offer emergency services, fast free estimates and are proud of our 5 star reputation for more than 20 years serving Utah residents and commercial customers.